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Tracking return-on-investment (ROIs) on your school marketing

In today’s world “data is king” and it’s highly beneficial for you to soak up as much data on the people interacting with your website as you can. Every touchpoint on your school website can be a potential tracking goldmine. School websites rarely have a tracking setup and business managers are missing out on vital information that could explain why enrolments have sagged over a period of time.

Combining Google Analytics to track performance on digital marketing for schools can give you a breadth of knowledge when making key decisions on your online marketing. Using analytics as a measuring tool…

School Marketing Strategy
School Marketing Strategy

Improve your school website accessibility and user experience

Most underestimate the value of a well-designed school website and how much of a difference it plays in getting enrolments through the door.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Responsiveness — if the website doesn’t scale well on mobile devices, then you will most definitely miss out. Most parents in this day and age are on their mobile devices such as phones or tablets. A non-responsive website will result in parents leaving within the first 3–6 seconds of opening your website.
  • Navigation — If parents are spending a long time looking for specific information, then this will end…

MAPS Marketing

A trusted advisor to Victorian schools for over 30 years, MAPS Marketing offers a comprehensive range of marketing and communication consulting services.

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